Review SeresRoad JJRC H8C, Much better than the internet although content is limited

The couple of days ago. I'm looking for information on the SeresRoad JJRC H8C 4-CH 360degFlips 2.4GHz Romote Control RC Quadcopter, so i have to tell.

SeresRoad JJRC H8C 4-CH 360degFlips 2.4GHz

Please Note SereRoad is a registered trademark and the only authorized seller is TecKlife TecKlife highly appreciate all customersapos opinions to improve the selling also if anything you unsatisfied pls contact our customer service department for probable best solution. Before you are familiar with the flight vehicle please donapost set it fly read the instruction carefully. .... Read more or Check Price

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This is what. If you are willing to spend 80 more you can be shipping too own a piece of the future and the army. This drone has a long range and a camera. by SFM

This is the power quad flat out ruggedly built for less than 100 I also own the syma version x5C - believe me one date a rock jjrc h8c. by Simone a marcano

I flew and crashed and picked up and flown back. It is robust and resistant. All engines are working out of the box but they are a bit ' strong. by J. G

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